Blint – The World’s First Automated Protein Shake Kiosk, Announces Franchise Opportunity

Blint Shakes (, the developers of the world’s first automated kiosk that dispenses freshly-blended protein shakes, announced that they are accepting inquires for franchised locations.

Blint is the world’s first all-natural protein shake that comes freshly blended from an automated, self-service kiosk. Blint Shakes are made from a proprietary, nutritious blend of real fruits, vegetables, and high quality protein.

The company is primed for rapid growth as it combines several dynamic industries into one high-margin system.

“We are riding a wave of opportunity right now,” said Oscar Perez, Blint Shakes Founder and CEO. “Automated retailing provides the means for an entrepreneur to start a business with low overhead, no employees, and 24/7 sales,” he said. “And the nutrition sector – protein drinks in particular – is exploding right now.”
Franchising can be a great way for many people to get into business for themselves. According to a recent study by HIS Economics, one of the leading economic analysis and forecasting firms in the world, “2014 proved to be a year of solid growth for the franchise sector. Overall economic growth picked up sharply in the second and third quarters, boosting real GDP,” the research firm reported. “Continued acceleration in the pace of economic activity will create the conditions for another strong year of growth of the franchise sector in 2015.”

Blint Shakes are noted for being healthier than other protein drinks (ask for a competitive analysis), and have the added advantage of being able to be served freshly-blended, one-at-a-time, from a convenient self-service kiosk that can be located virtually anywhere.

“There has never been a more perfect combination of timing and opportunity,” Perez said. “It’s the right business, for right now.”

To learn more about the Blint Shakes Franchising Opportunity, contact the company at: 954-526.4200 / Toll free: 1-844-721.3607, or emailing:






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5 Health Benefits of Whey Protein

whey proteinNot all proteins are created! Oscar Perez, founder of Blint Shakes, discovered this while talking to doctors and dietitians, as he worked to create the perfect healthy and affordable protein shake. He settled on whey for lots of reasons. We’ve listed five of them below!

1. Increases Strength and Muscle Size: If you’re trying to bulk up or tone up, whey protein can help you achieve your goal. In a study conducted at Baylor University, researchers gave one group of men whey protein before resistance training and another group a 20-gram placebo. Those who consumed whey protein prior to their workout increased their fat-free mass and strength significantly more.

2. Curbs your appetite: Whey protein has been shown to reduce levels of ghrelin, which is a hormone in your body that tells your brain you want to eat. Consume a protein shake with whey and you’ll consume less daily calories!

3. It’s FREE: Of lactose, carbohydrates, fat, and cholesterol! (At least whey protein isolate, used in Blint Shakes, is!) Whey protein can be digested by practically anyone, even those with specific food allergies (like lactose intolerance) and health considerations (like high cholesterol).

4. Stress Reduction: Stressed out? Grab a Blint Shake and change the tone of your day! A study conducted in the Netherlands found that people who consumed whey protein had a more elevated mood and felt less depressed than those who did not. They linked it to altered serotonin levels in the brain.

5. It’s a complete protein: Whey protein is a complete protein and contains all of the essential amino acids you need. Unlike other alternatives, you don’t have to consume multiple forms of protein to meet your daily recommended value. Whey also has a biological value of 100, meaning it is easily absorbed by your body, so it’s effects take place, fast!

Have you experienced any personal health benefits from whey protein? Share them with us below! 

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Discover 5 Advantages of Owning A Vending Machine Franchise

blint shakes vending machineInterested in owning a vending machine franchise? Want to know if it’s the right investment for you? As a company in the vending industry we’ve got all the franchise facts and stats, and have listed five advantages of owning one below!

1. Make Money Without Being Physically Present: For most people, the only time they collect revenue without actually being at their job site is on paid vacation days. As a vending machine franchise owner, you’ll get to make money without being physically present, all the time! After setting up your machine in a high-traffic location and stocking it with products, the rest of the work is done for you. And if your machine is in a gym, gas station, or motel lobby that’s open 24 hours a day, you’ll even make a chunk of change while you sleep.

2. Set your own schedule: As a vending machine franchise owner, you will never work a nine to five day in your life! Some weeks, you will only have to visit your machine one or two times to restock it. Other weeks, when you’re doing more in sales, you’ll need to refill it more, but only when it’s convenient for YOU! Come in late after rush hour traffic has died down or refill it in the morning, so that the rest of the day is yours. As your own boss, you are in complete charge of your schedule.

3. Be a part of something bigger than yourself: When you buy a franchise, you join a team, and in that you become a part of something bigger than yourself. Blint Shakes, for example, was founded out of a desire to help people be well. When you buy a Blint Shakes franchise you’re also buying into the company’s mission to bring healthy, affordable meals to people nationwide. How neat to be a part of something like that!

4. It’s a Simple Business to Operate: Are you self-motivated? Do you have drive? Then you can operate a vending machine franchise. Blint Shakes provides franchise owners with professional training and all the tools to operate their vending machine business. Other franchises will help you out as well. If you’re motivated to do well and you keep on top of stocking your machine, success will follow.

5. Big Buck Potential: According to The National Automatic Merchandising Association eighteen percent of people who own a vending machine franchise make between $1 million and $5 million a year. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll rack up this kind of cash, there’s a potential that you might! If you’re not the fixed-wage, glass-ceiling type, then owning a vending machine franchise might be the right option for you.

Interested in learning more about owning a vending machine franchise? Check out our website!

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How To Eat Healthy On A Budget

how to eat healthy on aIf “I can’t afford to,” is your number one reason for not eating healthy food, you need to come up with another excuse! While that might seem like the case (with health food stores like Whole Foods charging upwards of $10 for a 10 oz container of mixed berries) there are a number of ways to get the nutritious food your body needs without breaking your bank. We’ve listed a couple below.

Get Creative. Heading to Whole Foods or New Seasons and perusing the aisles is definitely the quickest way to stock up on healthy food, but it’s far from the cheapest. If you want to really save, get creative! Grow food yourself for example, by planting a garden and harvesting your own salad mix. Or organize pot lucks with your neighbors and encourage everyone to bring one healthy dish.

Be okay with eating the same meal a couple days in a row. Buying in bulk is cheaper, so purchase food in big portions and then make a healthy meal that you can eat multiple days in a row.

Buy frozen fruits and veggies. Frozen fruits and veggies cost less and won’t spoil, so you get more bang for you buck! Thaw out what you need and save the rest for a date down the road.

Cut the crap. Unhealthy meal add-ons like alcohol, chips, crackers, candy, and soda really add up in cost. If you’re trying to eat healthy on a budget, give up the junk food and you’ll have more money to spend on the good stuff!

Do your research. There are great articles on cheap nutritious foods like this one from web MD featuring nutritious foods for about two dollars or less. Spend some time finding out what healthy foods are most affordable and make a list before heading to the store so you know exactly what to buy and don’t spend more than you need to.

Drink Blint Shakes. Do you shy away from protein shakes and fruit and veggie smoothies because you know the price of them is more than you can afford? Blint Shakes are unique to the healthy food industry because they’re both nutritious and affordable. Watch out for our vending machines, (which are coming to airports, gyms, malls, schools, and many other locations soon!)

Have any ideas of your own for how to eat healthy on a budget? We’d love for you to share them with us below! 


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How To Stick To Your Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

healthy new year blog1. Tell a Buddy. When it comes to achieving goals, we’re more successful when we’re not in on them alone. Sharing your New Year’s resolutions with a friend holds you accountable and makes you more likely to follow through. Why do you think we asked participates in our New Year’s resolution Facebook challenge to tag a friend they wanted to share their resolution with? We could all use a motivator to help us be more successful. Find one! 

2. Write Your Resolutions Down. Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach, founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul®, and leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success, explains that one of the main reasons most people don’t achieve their goals is because they aren’t clear about what they really want. By writing your goals down, you identify what it is exactly that you want to achieve. Then you are better able to focus on HOW you will achieve it. If you haven’t written down your resolution, grab a piece of paper and jot it down right now.

3. Set A Series of Short Term Goals Rather than Year Long Ones. If your New Year’s resolution consists of a long-term, highly ambitious goal, break it down into a series of short-term goals so that it’s more manageable and you’ll actually follow through with it. Want to find a way to work for yourself in the New Year? Great! What can you do each week to get you a step closer to living like this?

4. Build In Rewards. Achieving resolutions is hard work and hard work is not always fun. So build in rewards that are fun, to encourage to you keep after what it is you want. Treat yourself after reaching milestones or for sticking with your resolution each month. You deserve it!

5. Enlist The Help of Technology. Want to mediate more in 2015? There’s an App for that! Download Headspace, a meditation app that encourages participates to take ten minutes each day to clear their head. Want to lose weight? Purchase a Fitbit bracelet, which tracks your steps and monitors your calories burned. Technology can be a great motivator. Don’t be afraid to use it!

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Five of the Best Ways To Stay Healthy Under Stress

stress freeHave the holidays got you stressed? Fear not! We’ve come up with five ways to help you stay healthy in the midst of all the chaos.

1. Be Mindful Of What You Eat: When we’re stressed, we’re tempted to give into temptation and eat unhealthy on-the-go food. Resist this urge, knowing that your body needs not just any fuel, but the right fuel to stay calm and handle all you’ve got going on! Certain foods can help lower your stress levels as well. Mangoes, for example, are full of linalool, a compound that helps keep stress levels low. And green tea contains a high dose of L-Theanine, a chemical that helps relieve anger and calm us down. When you’re entering a stressful time, like the holidays or the New Year, stock up on foods that serve you.

2. Do Like Jen Does: Meditate: With a life that’s constantly exploited by the tabloids and a go-go-go high-powered career, Jennifer Anison has to work as hard as anyone at finding healthy ways to combat stress. If asked, she will tell you, the key to reducing stress is yoga and mediation. 3-4 days per week she trains with yoga instructor and close friend, Mandy Ingber, and since picking up the practice, her life has completely changed. Give it a try. It might change change yours as well.

3. Carve Out “Me” Time: During the holidays especially, it’s easy to put other people’s needs ahead of our own all the time. But a key to staying healthy is to carve out time in the day for yourself. Schedule a relaxing appointment, take time to BREATHE, read a book for twenty minutes, sink into a bubble bath. Whatever your favorite healthy indulgence is, allow yourself time for it.

4. Tackle One Task At A Time: Thinking of everything we have to do at once can paralyze us and leave us stressed and exhausted before we even get started. Tell yourself that you will manage to get everything done and then make a to-do list and check each item off one by one.

5. Laugh It Off: Maybe the real reason Santa is always laughing “ho-ho-ho” is because he’s trying to reduce his holiday stress! If so, he’s definitely onto something! Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, our “feel good hormones,” lowers our blood pressure, and gives us a general sense of well being. Nothing funny in your hectic life to laugh at? Laughter Yoga founder and originator, Dr Madan Kataria, explains that the body can’t tell the difference between “real” laughter and “forced” laughter. The healing benefits are the exact same! So go ahead, laugh for no reason and start reducing your stress, now.

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Why Michelle Obama Would Give Blint Shakes A Big Thumbs Up!

michelle obama lets moveSince Michelle Obama stepped into the White House, it has been her mission to improve the health of today’s generation of kids. Her campaign, Let’s Move, focuses on solving the problem of childhood obesity. At Blint Shakes, we share her concerns about health, which is one reason the First Lady would give this protein shake company a big thumbs up. Here are a couple other reasons why!

1. Blint Shakes are accessible: One of the pillars of Obama’s Let’s Move campaign is to improve the accessibility of healthy food. Currently, 5 million Americans live in areas considered “food deserts,” where there are no supermarkets nearby. Blint Shakes vending machines could be a start to bringing healthy food options to food deserts across the nation!

2. Blint Shakes are affordable: We get it, eating healthy also typically requires eating up money in the bank. One of the main reasons people opt for greasy fast food instead of food that better fuels their body, is because they can’t afford to eat well. With Blint Shakes, you can enjoy a nutritious meal for half the cost of what you’d pay for a typical fast food alternative. Now we know the First Lady would be all about that!

3. Blint Shakes are made with no added sugar: Michelle Obama advises families to avoid artificial sugar in their diets. Blint Shakes heeds to this advice! Each of our five different protein shakes is made with real fruits and vegetables–no artificial sugar added!

4. Blint Shakes taste amazing: Getting teens (and adults) to eat a healthy diet can pose a real challenge when they’re used to eating a “tasty” one with no nutritional value. But Blint Shakes treat your tastebuds in addition to your body. With five delicious flavors–rock chocolate, vanilla boom, mangour, green clock, and banana nuts–you’ll be craving one for every meal and be on your way to better health in no time!

Are you interested in receiving more information about Blint Shakes? Subscribe to our blog or visit 

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